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Robert Yuming Bao is an international lawyer admitted in P.R. China, U.S. Supreme Court, and State of California, the VP/CLO and Independent Director for publicly listed multinational companies, and part-time instructor, professor and research fellow in US and China. He has over 20-year extensive legal experience as partner of prestigious firms and leading counsel for renowned MNCs based in Beijing, Tianjin, New York and California, representing multinational clients in a great number of major litigations and complex business transactions. He also possesses broad commercial and technical background, received MBA degree in China and Master of Computer Science in USA, and enrolled in Doctor of Business Administration program jointly offered by HKU and PKU. He is familiar with the legal, political, commercial, social and cultural environment of both USA and China, and involved in the resolution of some crisis in between.

Mr. Bao was awarded High Level Talent certified by China's Education Ministry, State Certified Foreign Expert, Top 10 Chief Legal Officers, Top 10 General Counsels and Most Complimented by Lawyers, Certified Expert of Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration and China Mining Association, Councilor of National Corporate Compliance Commission, member of honor societies of PKP and UPE, China Lawyer Delegate jointly elected by China and Hong Kong Bars. He is active in legal organizations such as ABA, IBA, ACC, LAWASIA, ACLA, and founder of ChinaLaw.org and ChinaUsLaw.com. He is a frequent speaker in professional conferences and seminars, and guest for media interview on international and legal issues, also author of popular legal blog with over million readers.

Mr. Bao's major practice areas cover corporate law, trade/investment, finance/securities, regulatory compliance, intellectual property rights, international construction, real estate, employment and immigration. His selected clients include News Corp, Cisco, ZTE, Google, Motorola, EMC, General Instruments, Lenovo, AkzoNobel, Standard Chartered, Oversea Chinese Bank, Credit Suisse, China Industry/Commerce Bank, China Investment Bank, South China Group, Jereh Group, Sanyuan Foods, China Mineral Group, ExxonMobil, Tsinghua University, Rockefeller University, 21 Century Realty, ReMax Realty, Lucent Technology, BMW, Lehman Brothers, Conn Board of Education, and celebrities, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs.

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