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Robert Y. Bao is an experienced international lawyer admitted to practice in P. R. China, U.S.A. Supreme Court, and California Supreme Court. He has been actively practicing law since 1996. In addition, he received B.S. and M.B.A. in China, and M.C.S. in USA.

Mr. Bao has solid legal experience in USA and China, as well as broad commercial and technical background. His practice areas cover corporate law, trade/investment, banking/finance, real estate, intellectual property right, immigration, litigation and arbitration. He has represented national and international clients in major litigations and complex transactions, and served major corporations as general counsel.

Prior to entry into legal career, Mr. Bao was the personal assistant of an influential Hong Kong entrepreneur managing multimillion dollars investments ranging from hotel, real estate, restaurant, to night club. While closely working with the president's renowned lawyer, he found that lawyer is a career of his greatest interest.

Within the first year of his law practice in China, he was promoted to partner as a result of his outstanding achievement, the youngest partner lawyer citywide. Through his efforts in three years, his small firm grew up to a mid-size firm with two more offices opened, headquartered in central financial district, and prestigious for international services.

Since 2000, Mr. Bao was periodically assigned to New York City law firms, rendering China legal services to oversea clients as well as working with US lawyers in US legal services. He has been traveling back and forth to handle international matters, and developed his professional network in both nations. He also served as part-time faculty member of Long Island Business Institute in New York. In 2005, he set up US office in Los Angeles.

Mr. Bao has been active in various local, national and international professional associations, including ABA, ACLA, IBA and LAWASIA. He's been a speaker on international law, and frequently exchanged legal thoughts with his peers. He was one of six China lawyer delegates for international legal exchange elected jointly by China Bar and Hong Kong Bar from thousands of nationwide candidates.

Mr. Bao possesses a unique combination of knowledge in law, business management and I.T. He passed US and China bar exam each at first attempt, with substantive legal knowledge acquired in law firm. In the meantime of law practice, he obtained MBA and MCS from evening and weekend programs. He founded and developed in spare time as a platform for international legal exchange.

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