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Commercial Background

Business management and development experience is a key for business lawyers. One could not instinctively aware what another thinks unless he has been in the same position. Mr. Bao's solid commercial background has enabled him to serve corporate clients better.

While being an undergraduate student, Mr. Bao started working as Assistant to President for Super Class International, a joint-venture of three major corporations from Hong Kong and Taiwan, which invested hundreds of millions dollars in a variety of businesses in mainland China. His first assignment was to oversee the management of Anzenchitai Nightclub, one of the most luxury clubs in China patronized by public figures. With his enthusiasm, energy and intrepidity, he survived and successfully became a part of the management. Under intense workload, he obtained firsthand operational experience in sales, human resources, finance, risk and public relation management.

With demonstrated managerial ability, Mr. Bao was assigned to initiate new projects and manage early-stage operation. He realized that creating a brand-new business is more challenging than running an existing one. Each juncture, from analysis, licensing, advertising, design, to construction, recruitment, supply and cost control, must be deliberated. Many unpredictable incidents require flexible and immediate judgment calls. Within two years, he completed the establishment of Hyatt Hotel Senior Staff Apartment Building, Jinan International Hotel, Hong Kong Garden Residential Complex, First Hotel Cantonese Restaurant, Anzenchitai Japanese Cuisine, and Beverly Hills Western Bakery & Bar. Had not been studying for bar exam, he would have kept this exciting job.

In his professional career, Mr. Bao's business management and development background has greatly facilitated his legal service to corporate clients. He provides them not only legal advice, but business strategies. He understands that executives need take into account legal, economic and social consequence as a whole to make decisions, and their ultimate goal is to achieve business objectives. Sometimes, their best option would be giving up their legal rights, or doing something they are not legally obligated to do. Many clients are very satisfied with his broad yet specialized services.

In the management of law practice, Mr. Bao has played a significant role. At the time he joined Zhengda Law Firm, it was a small unknown local firm. After becoming a partner, he jointly led the firm to develop new areas, focusing on business law and international services. Three years later, the firm grew up to a midsize prestigious firm, opened two more offices, and headquartered in central financial district.

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