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Robert Yuming Bao was admitted to practice law in China in 1996, California in 2004, and U.S. Supreme Court in 2008, also the VP/CLO and Independent Director for publicly listed multinational companies, and part-time instructor, professor and research fellow in US and China. He has extensive legal experience as partner of law firms and leading counsel for renowned MNCs based in Beijing, Tianjin, New York and Los Angeles, represented clients in a great number of major litigations and complex transactions, supported fast-growing global business and operation in over 70 countries, closely involved in commercial and strategic decision-making, and played key role in satisfactory resolution of major trade sanctions. He also possesses broad commercial and technical background, received BS and MBA in China, Master of Computer Science in USA, and enrolled in Doctor of Business Administration program jointly offered by Hong Kong University and Peking University.

Mr. Bao was awarded High Level Talent certified by China's Education Ministry, State Certified Foreign Expert, Top 10 Chief Legal Officers, Top 10 General Counsels for two consecutive years, Councilor and Registered Expert of a number of professional and arbitration organizations, member of honor societies of PKP and UPE, China Lawyer Delegate jointly elected by China and Hong Kong Bars. He joined legal organizations such as ABA, IBA, ACC, LAWASIA, ACLA, and founded and He is a frequent speaker in professional conferences and seminars, and guest for media interview on international and legal issues, also author of popular legal blog with over million readers.

Mr. Bao's major practice areas cover corporate law, trade/investment, finance/securities, regulatory compliance, intellectual property rights, international construction, real estate, employment and immigration. His selected clients include News Corp, Cisco, ZTE, Motorola, AkzoNobel, Standard Chartered Bank, Oversea Chinese Bank, China Investment Bank, Hong Kong South China Group, Jereh Group, Sanyuan Foods, ExxonMobil, Rockefeller University, 21 Century Realty, ReMax Realty, Lucent Technology, Lehman Brothers, Connecticut Board of Education, and celebrities, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs. For more details please refer to Mr. Bao's Biography.

Unfortunately in 2020, Mr. Bao, like Lucas in the film The Hunt, suffered massive and torturous cyberbullying following a wrongful accusation, brutal defamation and overwhelming fake news under the abusive MeToo movement in China (The Li Xing Xing Incident). The top Chinese authority eventually found he is innocent and didn’t pursue an indictment after harsh and prolonged investigation, nevertheless to relieve public sentiment over the heat of unleashed and distorted chaos and the tension of US-China bilateral relation, his Chinese law license, renewed after his submission of US passport, was canceled due to his US citizenship, and then he was deported with such unrelated and confusing pretext triggered by human flesh search. As a result he has to separate with his old parents probably for life, break his successful career and doctorate study, and delay filing lawsuit to uphold his right. For more details please visit

Despite of being the victim of such an unprecedented disastrous incident, Mr. Bao is willing and ready to overcome the challenge, and making his best effort not only to revive his life and career, but also to uphold the dignity of the law and justice. He has reopened his law office at the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, and continued his services to local and international clients with his over twenty year professional knowledge and experience.

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