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Technical Background

Legal services greatly rely on information collection, management and exchange, including legal research, fact gathering, case management, and communication with client, colleague and government. Mr. Bao employed information technology as an important tool of delivering services, and his educational background in science and engineering has facilitated his services to hi-tech sectors.

Received BS in Material S & E, Mr. Bao has general scientific and engineering knowledge in physics and chemistry. While working in law firm, he studied computer science in weekends, and received MS degree with a GPA of 3.76. Through interdisciplinary study in law and computer science, he concluded that writing legal document and software code each is a matter of art, and they coincide each other in requiring the utmost rigor of logical thinking.

Mr. Bao's I.T. knowledge covers web design and development, E-commerce, software programming, database design, and system and network configuration. He is versed in programming languages of C/C++, Java, SQL, HTML, VB/Java Script, ASP, JSP and PHP. His academic projects include Online Stock Trading System, Personal Investment Management System, and Student Registration Management System. In spare time, he independently developed, and

In law practice, Mr. Bao is proficient in all popular computer and internet software in word processing, electronic filing, office management, legal research and forensic support, which significantly increased the efficiency and quality of his services. He personally processes important document without assistance in order to ensure highest confidentiality. He can quickly find specific and in-depth information of law and fact from various reliable resources. He takes advantage of computer network and database system to manage each case securely and efficiently.

Mr. Bao feels very comfortable in serving hi-tech clients. When talking with technology professionals, he can easily understand technical terms without detailed explanations. He is familiar with the industry's common practice, general standards, potential risks and legal concerns. His unique combination of knowledge has been a valuable asset in handling legal matters involving intellectual property right and the emerging cyberlaw.

During his over 10 year service for the world’s leading hi-tech companies, Mr. Bao also deepened and widened his understanding in technology. Influenced by his father, a professor in physics, at early age, he has always been curious in cutting-edge technologies. He realized in a new era of innovations, such evolving technologies as big data, cloud systems, and artificial intelligence have been playing more and more significant roles in our daily work and life. He believes human creates technology, and technology changes human; technology is updating constantly, and so should human.

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